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Welcome! I’ll tell you everything you need to know, and my personal point of view, about wine tasting in Tuscany.

When you choose Italy as a wine and food destination, you have to read all about tuscany wines and food. Than, you have to go on a wine tour with other wine and food enthusiasts (group wine tours or a private one) for an unforgettable memory.. Tuscan wine is the perfect match with Tuscan food, they were born to be together.

Italy and Tuscany wine production
Italy is one of the largest wine producer, and Tuscany is the flagship for quantity and quality of the wine produced. Wine areas includes Chianti, Brunello, Nobile di Montepulciano, Bolgheri, San Gimignano, Maremma and much more. Moreover, many wine producers started to produce also organic, biodynamic, natural or vegan wines, so that the method variety is added to the variety of vines and wines produced.

Where to start?
Every year there are more and more wine and food tours requests, specially from April to October with a peak in September and October, the harvest time.  During our wine tours you will have the chance to see all the wine process. From the grape harvest to the fermentation of the wine in the stainless steel ferment vats. In that period there is a great confusion in the cellars, but this is the most informative and fun part for a wine lover.

Enjoy the reading!

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