Medici’s villas wine tour in Carmignano area

  • On request, from 9.30 am to 5.00 / 5.30 pm

  • PEOPLE: MIN 3 - MAX 8

  • 350 € p.p.

  • Chianti Montalbano and Carmignano, Tuscany

During this wine tour, we will cover 2 small areas located north of Florence and very close to each other: Carmignano and Chianti Montalbano.

Medici’s villas wine tour in Carmignano area Tour Program

During Medici’s villas wine tour in Carmignano we will cover 2 small areas located north of Florence and very close to each other: Carmignano and Chianti Montalbano.

Docg since 1984, today Chianti is an extensive area covering many areas of Tuscany, for a total of 15,500 hectares of vineyard, mainly cultivated in Sangiovese.

Given the vastness of the territory, sub-zones have been identified, distinguished by both geographical coordinates and organoleptic characteristics of wines, due to different soils and climatic conditions. Two of these areas are Carmignano and Chianti Montalbano. Small and not touristic areas north of Florence.

Carmignano wine’s

Carmignano has been producing wine since Etruscan and Roman times, as evidenced by the finding of wine jars inside some Etruscan tombs and the assignment by Cesare to his veterans, between 50 and 60 BC, of some Lands between the Arno and the Ombrone, which have been cultivated with vines ever since.

Moreover, Carmignano can be proud of being chosen by Grand Duke Cosimo III de’Medici (in 1716), as one of the four wine-growing areas of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The “Motu proprio decree” in fact, regulated the production, the geographical limits, the trade of the wines produced in these areas, making the first “doc” available in the world.

Carmignano wine is a blend of Cabernet and San Giovese grapes.

The presence of the Cabernet has in fact been attested to in the vineyard of Carmignano for more than five centuries: it seems that the first vines have been transplanted to these hills by the desire of Caterina de ‘Medici when in the sixteenth century it was queen of France: It would confirm the same name as “French grape”, still in vogue among the old winegrowers.

During the 50-minute drive you will not be bored because you will hear stories and explanations of Tuscany and its wines, while you admire the wonderful tuscan landscape.

First winery

The first winery, is a magnificent XV century Villa, built by Medici family known as the “a hundred chimmeys”, so called for the many chimneys on the top of the building and that make it unique.
The chimneys were built not only for artistic appeal, but also for a pratical reason: to warm up the huge Villa.

The villa, which was born as a hunting lodge, became a place dedicated to the arts and now is a National monument and UNESCO Heritage since 2013, along with other villas and gardens of the Medici.

In the centuries between the walls of the Villa famous names have passed. For example in 1608 Galileo Galilei was invited by Ferdinand I to teach “mathematics” to his son Cosimo dei Medici. Leonardo da Vinci and other famous artists.

Once we arrive at the Villa you will be guided through , the vineyards, the historical garden, and finally tasting their delicious wines, one white, one rosè and 2 reds of which one is a docg chianti montalbano and the second red is the docg Carmignano.

Second winery

After this unique winery, it is time to go to the second, but not less awesome organic winery.

Also this winery was a XV century Medici villa, bought in the 20’s by the actual owner.

For the area of Carmignano, this winery has played a very important role.

Cabernet has been cultivated in this area as well as San Giovese, and this winery was the first to invent a blend of cabernet and merlot wine in 1979.

Finally after this beauty immersion it is time to feast on: a delicious home cooked lunch prepared for us at the Villa paired with their high quality wines you will taste 3 red wines and a sweet wine called vin santo.

After lunch, it is time to visit the labyrinth cellar where their wine is aged, the vinsantaia, and the olive mill.

After Lunch

If we have some time left, we can enjoy some more time visiting the exterior of another XV century villa built by Lorenzo il Maginifico and walk in its beautiful gardens.

We will return to Florence around 530 pm.


Min. 2 pax: 500€

For each additional person: 100€

Max. 8 people

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Included in the Medici’s villas wine tour in Carmignano area

  • An expert sommelier or a wine maker as your tour guide of Tuscany
  • wine tasting in two great Medici’s Villas wineries
  • extra virgin olive oil tasting
  • one cellar tours
  • map of Tuscany wine regions
  • a booklet about Tuscany and its wines
  • free wi-fi in the mini van
  • home cooked lunch at the Villa/winery
  • stop at some scenic viewing points
  • all local taxes

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