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Hi Welcome to Tuscany Tour Time! We cover all the places.

This is a Tour Operator of Tuscany specialised in tuscan wine tours. I live in the famous tuscan wine region surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and I know every corner of Tuscany even the most hidden ones. I am a wine Sommelier and have a degree in history and philosophy.

The idea of creating Tuscan wine tours in 2003 is a result of my main passion for wine and for the wine countryside. So I’ll be happy to accompany you in exploring this beautiful wine territory as an old friend. I will help you discover the most authentic parts and will assist you to fully understand Tuscan wine, be it a Chianti Classico, Brunello, Nobile di Montepulciano or a Super-Tuscan wine. My wine tours are designed with special care, selecting only the finest vineyards that produce excellent wines and, where possible, organic quality wine, the best extra virgin olive oil and often very old farmhouses that date as far back as 1000.

My intention is to involve you in a special and unique adventure in wine, organic Chianti and tuscan wine, olive oil, in local food, culture and traditions. But it will also include beautiful scenery, breathtaking landscapes and medieval villages.

In my wine tours you will not be just passive spectators. You will be given all the information and tools needed to appreciate and evaluate a glass of wine or the quality of olive oil for yourselves. You will see how wine is made from the harvest to the final process.

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About us: this is a licensed tour operator, focused on wine tours in Tuscany.

Hello, my name is Angie. My background is in philosophy, which I taught in a high school. However, living in the most beautiful wine country, the passion for wine, olive oil and the outdoors grew quite strong.

After my studies to get the Sommelier certificate, I passed all the state exams to get the Tour Operator license in Italy in 2003. Since then, I have never stopped studying and tasting all the wine in Tuscany and in Italy!

Last year I opened a wine school in Florence. Wine class is in Santo Spirito neighborhood of Florence, the coolest area in the world according to Lonely Planet Guides. At my school, I love to introduce the best wines together with the correct food pairings to my students.

Additionally, I have opened a shipping company to ensure my students and clients are able to continue their wine education when they go home. My strong, deep connection with local producers allow me to provide you with the best organic and biodynamic wines, and to guarantee you an excellent curated experience.

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I am Angela Saltafuori, the founder of the travel agency TuscanyTourTime . The agency owns different websites and numerous social networks, among them the most popular are: