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Meet locals, drink great wine, eat good food and see Tuscany outside Florence!

This is a licensed tour operator, focused on wine tours in Tuscany.

Hello, my name is Angie. My background is in philosophy, which I taught in a high school. However, living in the most beautiful wine country, the passion for wine, olive oil and the outdoors grew quite strong.

After my studies to get the Sommelier certificate, I passed all the state exams to get the Tour Operator license in Italy in 2003. Since then, I have never stopped studying and tasting all the wine in Tuscany and in Italy!

Last year I opened a wine school in Florence. Wine class is in Santo Spirito neighborhood of Florence, the coolest area in the world according to Lonely Planet Guides. At my school, I love to introduce the best wines together with the correct food pairings to my students.

Additionally, I have opened a shipping company to ensure my students and clients are able to continue their wine education when they go home. My strong, deep connection with local producers allow me to provide you with the best organic and biodynamic wines, and to guarantee you an excellent curated experience.


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I am Angela Saltafuori, the founder of the travel agency TuscanyTourTime . The agency owns different websites and numerous social networks, among them the most popular are:

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When not being a mild-mannered wine guide, I work as a winemaker and viticulturist, helping producers grow grapes and make wine. I might be a little vague with some of the poignant dates in local history, but will happily answer any questions pertaining to all things wine and vine. Whilst not born and bred in Tuscany, I came to Chiantishire from the North West of England almost twenty years ago to work the harvest and never left, and so consider myself at least Tuscan by adoption. It’s not just the wonderful wine that makes Tuscany such a special place for me, but also the green gold that is our amazing extra virgin olive oil and like my colleagues, I too have some olive trees to call my own.



I am an English speaking tour guide based in Florence. I was born in Sicily and since the age of 20.

I moved to this beautiful city to study at the university, where I graduated in foreign languages and literatures. For many years after my degree I worked in the fashion, then lately I decided to focus my attention on food and wine, my great passions. For this reason a few years ago I finished my studies as chef assistant and I am right now attending a Third Level Sommelier course. I think I inherited by my grandfather, who was a winemaker, the love for wine and genuine life. I like sharing my knowledge of this extraordinary territory as Tuscany is, with people willing to get as much as possible from a visit to this charming and marvelous region.



I am a professional chef and sommelier with an extensive overseas experience in the food and wine sector. After coming back to my hometown, Florence, I decided to formally extend my knowledge and studies and became a Third Level Sommelier in 2004. In 2009, I also completed the diploma as Master of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting and I now spend my free time looking after my olive grove. I have worked as a wine tour guide in Tuscany for over ten years, combining my passion and knowledge on food and wine with the will to convey such passion to others and share with them the beauty of this marvellous region, its history and its wonderful products.


I am born in northern Germany nearby Hamburg and finished my studies as a surveyor in the early nineties, which obviously has nothing to do with the world of wine and the culinary richness of Tuscany….In fact I arrived in Tuscany in 1999. After travelling and discovering a few countries on the southern hemisphere I decided to try myself in winemaking in the Chianti region instead of continuing the job as a surveyor. And I found myself in the right moment at the right place. Winemaking, that was absolutely mine.

After I worked for a few wineries like Montevertine and Castello di Ama, I started to work for Castello dei Rampolla during the harvest 2000, where I took over the responsibility of the cellar for the next fifteen years with my mentor Giacomo Tachis ( who is supposed to be one of the most famous and outstanding enologists of Italy….). In a certain way I was blessed by him as I was just a young man who arrived in Italy with no experiences in winemaking, from not even a winegrowing-region (apart from drinking wine!).
Today I am working as a freelance winemaker helping wineries to create their wines with respect for their specific Terroir and as a wine tour guide to communicate and share the never-ending passion for wine and food. After living for years in Tuscany I still wake up in the morning to admire and enjoy the beauty of this region with its people and sharing their lifestyle.


Since when I was a child I have always felt a very strong connection with my land. Aromas, landscapes and the typical tuscan charming atmosphere made me literally fell in love with all of it. I professionally grew up working in some restaurants in Chianti and at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence. In 2014 I attended all the the courses to become a Sommelier and after some experiences as tour guide in two wineries of Chianti Classico, I met Angela. I still maintain the passion of those days giving tours here and trying to offer the best wine experiences that you can make. See you in Tuscany!