Private Wine Tours

Discover the opportunity to explore and experience the sights, tastes, and culture of the Tuscany wine region with a private tour. Tours include transportation to and from each location. These tours are perfect for private groups looking to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Tuscany region’s wines.

Nobile Wine Tour

montepulciano nobile wine tour
The Tuscan wine tour in Montepulciano, focuses on a wine called Nobile di Montepulciano, not to be confused with another italian wine, called Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, produced in the south of Italy.
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Minimum 4 people: 1150€

Chianti & Castle wine tour

In the Chianti and Castle tour, my intention is to involve you in a special and unique adventure in wine, olive oil, in local food, culture and traditions, but it will also include beautiful scenery, breathtaking landscapes and medieval villages.
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Minimum 2 people: 700€

Bolgheri Wine Tour

bolgheri wine tour
Bolgheri is a picturesque and small medieval town along the coast, that thanks to its special soil “terroir” and micro clime condition is now well known for the so called Super Tuscan wines
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€ 400 P.P.

Barolo Wine Tour

langhe wine tour
Barolo wine is made with nebbiolo grape. The Nebbiolo grape is grown in an area that encompasses 11 small villages located south of Asti in Piedmont, and is the variety that makes the famous Barolo wine.
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€ 400 P.P.