Etruscan wines in Maremma in 4 days

The Maremma is a mysterious territory located in between the southern part of Tuscany and Lazio and is one of the prettiest and so far wildest place of central Italy

Etruscan Wines in Maremma: we will begin our wonderful wine trip in Florence and seated in a comfortable mini van we will leave for the Etruscan Maremma.

The Maremma is a mysterious territory located in between the southern part of Tuscany and Lazio and is one of the prettiest and so far wildest place of central Italy and in the last years producing wonderful and unique wines as well.

Etruscan wines in Maremma. Volcanic wines

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About Maremma

The Maremma is a mysterious territory located in between the southern part of Tuscany and Lazio and is one of the prettiest and so far wildest place of central Italy and in the last years producing wonderful and unique wines as well.

This wild yet fascinating land, was formed years ago following an impressive volcanic eruption that has determined its geo-morphological appearance that still exists today. The mass of magma solidified, giving rise to a series of tuffaceous
plateaus, but the brittleness of the rock allowed rivers and streams to deeply erode it, to create an alternation of rocky plateaus that suddenly lose themselves in deep and narrow gorges.

After the era of volcanic activity Etruscans began to colonize this land 3000 years ago and found in it an ideal environment. The seemingly unattainable tuffaceous plateaus, guaranteed them a natural strategic defense, while the valleys, rich in water, lush forest, wild animals and fertile land, were a an excellent source of supplies.

The historical and archaeological beauty in fact is only one component of this territory, characterized by excellent production of wine and olive oil.

Lapilli ash and basalt form the terroir of these areas and thanks to the strong minerality of the soil you will taste unique, particular and complex wines that you will not find in any other part of Tuscany.

Tour description

First day

After a journey of almost 3 hours, we will arrive in one of the most beautiful Etruscan villages in Italy where we will stop for our lunch.

We will eat in a trendy and characteristic place, and with a full stomach we will take we will take a walk through the Etruscan village, considered one of the most beautiful village in Italy.

Soon after we will be ready for our first great winery of the day.

A winery with an important archaeological area next to the vineyard, an Etruscan necropolis and domus first then a roman Villa and a medieval farm later. You will be welcomed by the owners who will tell you everything about their special volcanic wines.

Here you will taste their wines that include, a beautiful white wine made with Vermentino and Viognier, a red wine made with Sangiovese and Alicante, and their top wine, a wine aged in cocciopesto amfora , first winery in Italy to do so.

Wine’s taste

The Romans used cocciopesto a mixture of clay and cement, sand, water, for the floors, and to the wine it gives an optimal micro oxygenation, making the wine particularly clean and harmonious.

It also has the characteristic of offering a high resistance, a remarkable thermal inertia and guarantees the wine an optimal evolution thanks to its ovoid shape. enriching and amplifying the aroma of wine.

Once we finish tasting our wines we can have a look at the archaeological excavations where we will find archaeologists at work.

Then we leave the winery to head to our hotel near another famous and beautiful Etruscan village, here we relax with a good glass of maremma wine in the hall of the hotel or stroll around the town before dinner.

Second day

After a short walk in the paths that the Etruscans have carved into the volcanic rock we will go to discover a very particular winery, their wines ages in a
singular wine cellar dug by the Etruscans, in the tuff at 15 meters deep below the ground.

After lunch we head to another beautiful fortified medieval village before reaching our wine resort, where you can relax in the pool, drink a glass of their great wine, before having a delicious handmade meal paired with wonderful wines.

Third day

We head towards the coast, towards Bolgheri, the queen of the Tuscan coast, famous for its super tuscans, the homeland of the cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, but before reaching Bolgheri we visit a great winery close to the maremma coast.

Once we get to Bolgheri, we will visit one renowned winery among the best and popular wineries of that area: Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Grattamacco, Le Macchiole, Fornacelle, Sapaio.
Then we head towards our hotel to admire the view while we wait to dine immersed in the vineyards

4) Fourth day:

On our way home we will visit another area that is becoming very popular near Pisa, where the Cabernet Franc is the king of the grapes.
We will do our last wine tasting and then we will move to Florence where we will arrive late in the afternoon.


Cost per couple (2 pp in shared room): 3000 euros (1500 euros per person).

The tour will be confirmed if we can fill it with 6 pp.

Let us know as soon as possible if you want to do this small group tour that we will run if we can reach a group of 6 people.

A journey through time to discover the Etruscans and in particular the wines of the beautiful Tuscan coast, discovering the extraordinary wines of the Tuscan Maremma (the wild west!) And eating incredible local specialties wherever we go.

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Minimum 6 people

4 days


    Included in this Wine Tour

    • Round trip transfer by minivan
    • Accommodation in various B&B, farm or hotel of good standard
    • Wine tours and tastings, group activities, guided tours and tickets
    • All meals in restaurants or local farms


    Our Client's Words

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    My wife and I took Angie’s Castle & Wine tour in late May. We had a fun, small group with Barbara as our guide. Barbara was very genuine and truly expressed an interest in wanting all of us to enjoy our day, as well as our time in Tuscany Would I recommend the tour? Yes, without a doubt. If you are a red wine drinker, these are smaller producers that you are most likely not able to purchase in the U.S. They make excellent wines, so treat yourself and send some home Our wines arrived in four weeks. Grazie Mille Angie and Barbara for a terrific day!

    Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer


    We had an excellent wine and castle tour day. Federico was an exceptional guide and we had a wonderful time touring and tasting wine and olive oil. We would like to also mention the fantastic lunch we had it was memorable. We would highly recommend this tour.

    Mark Spencer

    Perry Long


    An amazing day touring the Tuscany wine region! I would especially like to thank Francesca for making my 50th birthday a memory I will treasure forever! Her knowledge of wines, the countryside, olive oil, etc. was extraordinary! The wineries and the owners (Stephania and Marco) were excellent hosts and provided us with samples of the most amazing wines and olive oils. I would highly recommend your company to anyone visiting the Tuscany region! Again, thanks!!!

    Mark Spencer

    Alexander Doe


    I went on a wine tasting tour with Angie a few years ago and because of the great experience I booked again for May 2013. Angie’s tour was already fully booked so we were in Olivia’s group, another awesome day! The whole region is beautiful and there are plenty of tour operators but for me Angie’s personal service and small groups make her the go-to company for your Tuscan wine tasting tour. A bonus with the smaller groups is that Angie takes you to small and medium sized wineries, not the giant mass production places, so you really get face to face time with the owner/winemakers.

    Mark Spencer

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