The art of living is in wine and grapes.


In Italy the grapes bring good luck. We use to give it away in fruit baskets at New Year, because folk beliefs say that every grape brings wealth. I wonder if you believe it! In any case, the grape is a special fruit in the history of humankind; it has inspired myths like the story of Bacchus (or Dionysus), the god of wine growing, the son of Jupiter and Semele, beautiful and unfortunate girl from Thebes; it also inspired immortal tales like the famous fable of the fox and the grapes by Phaedrus, and even religious parables as “The Wedding at Cana” of the Christian Bible; and it has been a decorative element – branches, vines, grapes – a sign of elegance, in countless friezes and statues, among which the famous “Woman with Grapes” at the Trevi Fountain, in Rome, as well as the famous paintings portrait of the god Bacchus by Caravaggio, who is part of the collection of the Uffizi Museum in Florence; if you visit Tuscany and the surrounding area, you could visit it along with other masterpieces, with or without grapes!

In short, we could say that everyone loves the grape, artists but also ordinary people, because it is a symbolic food certainly linked to the desire to live and it is often used as a decoration and reliefs of funerary works and on the graves.

But what is the secret of this so “strange” plant? That the poorer the soil the richer the fruit, that once a year lose all its strength going to meet winter with humility and simplicity, but before, when the earth begins to feel the melancholy autumn, it launches on the game table its best dice (wine grapes now perfectly ripe) and a blaze of leaves with the warmer colors that nature produces?

To find out who is the vine you have to stay a while with it: with the excuse to taste a good glass of wine, a Chianti Classico, a Super tuscan or the italian white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano, you can join us and take a wine tour of some of the best Tuscan wineries. We simply love wines, we taste them and we know the people who produce them. And what special requirement these wine makers must have to please us? Oh, it’s simple! They must be lovers of life and Nature, they must believe that the vine is like an anchor thrown into the deep sea that keeps us firmly connected to the… Earth.