Do you need to book a wine tour in Tuscany?

Is it better to book a wine tour in Tuscany, or to visit wineries on your own? And if you want to take a wine tasting tour, how far in advance should you book it?

These are questions people often ask us when they’re planning a trip to Tuscany.

It’s important to know that wine tasting in Tuscany is not the same as it is in Napa Valley or other places with many large producers.

In this post, I’ll explain what makes it different and why there are more advantages to taking a wine tour in Tuscany than going on your own. Read to the end for my tip on how far in advance you need to book your Tuscan wine tour to make sure you don’t miss out.

On a Tuscany wine tour, we’ll do all the planning for you

Many of the vineyards in Tuscany are small, family-run operations. Unlike those in Napa, they don’t have drop-in wine-tasting showrooms. Often, you’ll often need to make reservations ahead of time

What’s more, the Chianti region alone has more than 5000 of these small wineries. It can be hard to know which ones are best to visit. At Tuscany Tour Time, we’ve cultivated exclusive relationships with winemakers we’ve selected because of their beautiful settings, genuine people, and excellent wines. We’ll take care of the reservations and the timing to arrive on time.

A wine tour in Tuscany is a more memorable experience

A tour with one of our local sommelier guides is like a backstage pass. It’s so much more than a wine tasting. We’ll also give you an authentic taste of our culture and traditions.

During the drive, we’ll share stories about the wine and the landscapes in each region. At the wineries, you’ll have a more personalized experience with the opportunity to tour the wine cellars and talk with the passionate winemakers themselves. And, of course, there will always be home-made food to enjoy with the wine.

An added benefit is that you can relax and savor the experience, knowing that you don’t have to navigate the winding roads in the Tuscan hills.

When to book your Tuscan wine tour

How soon should you book your Tuscany wine tour? Tours with Tuscany Tour Time sell out quickly, so it’s best to save your spot as soon as possible. I’d advise that you book at least a month in advance—probably sooner if you’re visiting during high season

We can’t wait to share this unforgettable experience with you. Book your wine tour now.