How to pair wine and chocolate

How to pair wine and chocolate

Wine and chocolate can be a pair made in heaven.  Of course, our idea of mouth-watering nirvana is a luscious Super Tuscan wine from Chianti paired with silky dark chocolate. But the pairing has to be right to reach this state of joy. Wine and chocolate actually have a lot in common, each adding a special chemistry to romance.  As well, they both offer intense flavors and contain different types of tannins.  That’s why a dry red wine with chocolate may taste bitter.  The tannin combination can be too much for your taste buds.  As in romance, it’s all about striking the right balance.

Tips for pairing wine and chocolate

 The best way to choose a good pairing is to look for complementary characteristics and flavors of the wine and chocolate.

To start, aim for for similar weight and intensity.  Chocolate with a lighter flavor will match better with lighter-bodied wines.  For example, milk chocolate, which has a lower percentage of cacao and more sugar, will go well with fruity, low tannin wines like Merlot.

On the other hand, stronger chocolate will pair nicely with more full-bodied and intensely flavored wines.  Dark chocolate with a cacao level of 70% or more and a rich Super Tuscan or a bold Brunello wine will be a great combination. The comparable level of tannins in the wine and chocolate will bring out the fruity flavors of the wine.

Think about matching the tastes in the chocolate and wine.   If your chocolate contains delicious things like nuts, fruit or pepper, you’ll want to match those flavors with the notes in the wine.  Check the descriptions on the labels to see if the chocolate ingredients and wine notes can create a heavenly harmony.

Our picks:  The best Tuscan wine and chocolate pairings

 Based on these considerations, here is a selection of Tuscan wine and chocolate combinations which we‘re sure you’ll enjoy:

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