Is the snow good or bad for the vineyard?

Who had the good fortune to do, in these days, the tuscany wine tour, he discovered a new landscape and a new dimension of Tuscany, a region not very accustomed to the snow, it was enough for a splash and vineyards geometry has been highlighted from white streaks and everything it seemed more silent and rapt in itself. The snow, they told us the famous Chianti wine growers during some wine tours from Florence, is very useful to the vine and wine quality. Indeed, the drop in temperature and dry air, even for a few days, lead vines to purify themselves by mold and bacteria accumulated during the wet season. For that they will be healthier in the season of the grapes production. Right now and again for a few weeks in the best tuscany wine tours you can enjoy another seasonal phenomenon: the “pianto della vite”, the cry of the vine, which means that the vines “cry”, shed tears. But it is not a sad phenomenon: far from it! When you’re doing your wine tours in tuscany you can ask to look at the vines closely and the winegrower will be very happy to show them. Watching the vines closely you will see that, where the pruning were practiced, the vine produces clear liquid drops; tears, in fact. It’s the sign that the plant begins to breathe after the winter sleep and wakes gradually the sap that is within her and, above all, the roots begin to feed again from now on, the vineyard is alive again. And it’s a wonderful show to see the expanse of vines under the March sun shine because of all these drops of tears … of joy! A real hymn to life.