Muscadine wine

Is muscadine wine the new champagne? It just seems so. This is what has been happening lately. As soon as Jay Z, the partner of Beyoncé, decided to boycott the French wine choosing muscadine, the rap world has gone mad with this. After the Hip Hop protest, rappers speak about muscadine in their songs so that this wine sprang out as a symbol.

Trey Songz sings about “lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato”. But the boom of this Italian wine invades the country music too. “Sweeter than muscadine wine” sings Canaan Smith, while Ken Will Morton uses “Muscadine wine” as a title of one of his songs. Music business is getting inspired in the last years from the world wine too.

This seems to be a very good period for the Italian sweet and sparkling wine that is going to challenge the most famous Chianti, the king of Tuscan wine. Muscadine wine is produced everywhere in the world, in the States – Napa valley -, in Australia, in South Africa, in many European nations like France and Spain. Italian muscadine wine is considered as the best. The biggest production is in Piedmont. In Tuscany too there is a famous kind of muscadine wine: Moscatello or Moscadello, cultivated in Montalcino and Siena, Chianti and Brunello land.

Muscadine wine has its roots in Ancient Greece. The vines were probably brought by some settlers to Magna Grecia, the Italian Southern region. There are many kind of muscadine vines. The white type is considered the best one. The grapes were named by the ancient Romans as Apicae or Apianae. The name actually comes from the latin word “muscum”, the moss, because of its intense perfume and sweet flavor.

In Italy many Chianti producers make muscadine too, following the ancient methods. The grapes are harvested by hand and then let them wither.

Muscadine is a young wine that has to be drunk within a year and a half. Its features are: a straw yellow color, a fragrant smell, an aromatic flavor.

The question is: will the Italian producers be able to win their challenge in the muscadine wine world? And could this be a danger for the most famous Tuscan wine such as Chianti?

We can’t know. They are very different wines. The first step to carry out – in the meanwhile – is to have a tip of this wine directly in the cellars, doing a Tuscan wine tour with a specialized agency.

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