Stemless wine glass

The shape, size and style of a wine glass can definitely affect the taste of your wine! Why else would there be so many different heights and widths to choose from? From champagne flutes to stemless glasses, there is a correct glass for your wine. The main things to consider when deciding which wine glasses to use to serve your wine are the bowl, the stem, the rim, and the material the glass is made of. The stem allows you to keep your hand away from the wine to keep your body temperature from affecting the temperature of the wine itself. Stemless wine glasses, also known as tumblers, however are just that – stemless – so why do we use them? What purpose do they serve if the whole point is not to affect the taste of the wine?

Stemless wine glass in Italy

Stemless wine glasses are perfect for serving red Italian wines due to the general simplicity of most of the day to day wines served in Italy. Italian stemless wine glasses are of the highest quality material and design. They are simple yet elegant, as most things Italian tend to be. Italian stemless wine glasses are perfect for hosting parties with friends since they are less likely to be knocked over to break or spill! And stemless wine glasses are perfect for serving a hearty chianti. They go well with less delicate wines, so pull these off the shelf for your everyday wine drinking!

Why to use a stemless wine glass

Stemless wine glasses became widely available on the market recently, and have been part of a growing trend ever since. Lovers of the tumblers find them easier to use, more casual, and more versatile. While they are meant for serving wine, some wine-lovers mix it up and use their stemless wine glasses for cocktails. There are of course criticisms of the stemless wine glasses. Some say that fingerprints ruin the way you can study the wine’s color or body. They are also not ideal for white wine, since your body temperature does affect the wine in the glass more quickly.

Italians are famous for their class and sophistication, so investing in some nice Italian stemless wine glasses is a great idea. Italy is well-known for decorative glass – think of Murano and Burano in Venice! Whether you opt for stemless wine glasses or more traditional wine glasses, Italian quality is always a safe choice. Many Italian glassware designers are prominent at trade shows all over the world, and we know from experience that the Italian stands at the shows are always some of the most fun!