Super Tuscans: the search of the perfect wine

Giacomo Tachis was the creator of the first Super Tuscans: Sassicaia, Tignanello, Solaia and Bolgheri, Tuscan high quality red wines, thanks to his experience and determination: these wines were the protagonists of what in Italy was called the “wine Renaissance.”

It all started from Sassicaia, an happy intuition of Rocchetta Incisa Marquis, who, after noting the similarities of Bolgheri and Graves soils in France (which means gravel), both very stony, had the idea to plant grapes of Bordeaux Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon to create a Bordeaux wine from Tuscany, with the help of the oenologist, Giacomo Tachis.

In the first two decades of life Sassicaia, was consumed only in the property, but in those years Tuscany became an alchemical laboratory for every possible blend, the territory was completely reassessed and subjected to a thorough analysis.

Once again the volcanic Tachis, this time with the Marquis Antinori, shocked the world with the Tignanello, the first Super Tuscan, formally a simple table wine: Sangiovese and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine was revolutionary, but even more was the concept behind it: to make noble wines like the Bordeaux style, but with Sangiovese grapes. The dawn of a new era for the Sangiovese was born and the proliferation of the Supertuscans never stopped: those born to avoid the rigid rules of the Chianti Docg and those who followed the footsteps of Sassicaia.

Because these wines did not follow the strict rules of the DOCG classification, they were initially labeled with the penalizing name of “table wine”.

Thanks to the birth of the category IGT wines in 1992 the Super Tuscans wines, are now able to achieve a higher quality international recognition and to distinguish themselves as the most creative expressions of oenology and less in plaster by the rules of the Docg disciplinary.