There are Chianti and Kiante!

The word Chianti packs in only seven letters many meanings, emotions and ideas. Just say “Chianti” and appear the beautiful Tuscan hills with their vineyards that can be observed coming from Florence and gradually climbing among the farmhouses, Renaissance villas, old wineries, or the wonderful landscapes , made of clear sky, waves of round hills, chaired by castles and villages with medieval bells sounding 3 times a day: in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. Lines of cypress trees, olives trees and vineyards.

Chianti region is also what that you can feel and breathe, drink and eat. Finally, Chianti is also an excellent wine, famous all over the world both in the popular version or in the “Riserva, the aged Chianti wine.

Everything in the sound of this word – which seems to derive from Clante, the name of a very powerful clan belonging to the Etruscans who first inhabited this region in the third century AC – take back to something special and exclusive.

Chian-Ti is also a short word, fast and sound like most of the words of the Italian dialects and, among them, the Tuscan dialect, which is certainly one of the richest and most synthetic,  a unique phonetics phenomenon called “Tuscan gorgia”, a kind of natural sound abbreviation for the words. One example will suffice with the popular saying “vin d’un anno e pan d’un giorno, lev’ì’mmedi’o di t’orno”, where, as you see, are really many apostrophes instead of letters disappeared from the pronunciation and meaning “the one-year wine and a one day bread every day, keep the doctor away”.

During our wine tasting tours in Florence, in a Tuscany day trip from Florence one of the funniest things that can happen is to listen to a conversation between an english speaking person and a Tuscan peasant: often Anglophones fail to say the word Chianti, infact they say kiante, while the Tuscan farmer says Chianti making disappear the ch in the beginning and the final I too. So, the two can talk for an hour without realizing that they are talking about the same thing!
The Good thing is “water divides men and wine unites them”: as a famous song says, which alluded to the sea that keeps beloved ones far from each other and the power of wine, that makes people speak the same language thanks to the common pleasure of a good glass.

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Wine tasting in Chianti

Duration: Every day from 9:30 am to 5.00 pm
People: min 2 – max 16, mixed
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