Glasses and bottle with red wine on color background, flat lay.

What makes some wine expensive?

One of the most frequently asked questions about a product is related to its cost. There is a trend to think that everything that is expensive is like a guarantee of quality. Especially in the wine world. In reality, the factors that influence the price (and the quality) of a wine are so many. So, what makes some wine expensive?

The terroir

First of all, the pricing policy can vary depending on the geographical denomination. It is pretty known that in the vine cultivation there are some more suitable areas than others. Therefore, the historical prestige of a “terroir”contributes to the product value. Obviously this prestige is always linked to the request on the market.
The Chianti DOCG and the Chianti Classico DOCG are between the most coveted wines of the world and this allows the winemakers to maintain a medium-high price.

The winemaking technique

Anyway, also the type of wine produced, the working methods, the vinification technique and the way of aging a wine are all elements that will determine the final cost.
For example, the choice of a specific oak wood barrel or the choice to use new barrels instead of old ones. These are all factors that affect so much the business balance.

The packaging and the vineyard

An aspect that you should not underestimate looking a bottle is its packaging. The type of bottle, its thickness, the cork, the capsule and also the label create the image of the company and they constitute a very significant expense for the price.
It could be quite incredible but the age of a vineyard influences both the quality and the quantity of grapes produced. In fact, some centenary vineyards produce only one bunch per plant but the quality is so high that this brings to a real war between collectors and investors. It can make the wine very expensive.


Finally, every great wine also generally receives great awards. In case that the reputation of a wine overpasses the national borders, then it will be right to talk about very fine wine. And consequently, high price.
Now you have all the elements to judge if the value of a wine is worth the price you pay. Anyway, remember that visiting a winery, talking to the producer and exploring the vineyards will be all fundamental steps to fully understand the wine value.