Wine School Florence

A Brand-New Wine Experience in Florence, Italy

On a small street running parallel to the Arno river in Florence, Italy sits the Palazzo Frescobaldi, the new headquarters for Wine School Florence. Wine School Florence opened its doors this year when Owner and Director Angela Saltafuori decided to expand her already thriving tour company, Tuscan Wine Tours, to make her dream of teaching others about the thousands of wines in Italy a reality. Wine School Florence is more than just tourism: it is a place to study Italian wine in depth and truly expand your knowledge and appreciation like never before.

The school is stunning. Walk into the palazzo located on Via Santo Spirito and immediately you are wowed with views of the internal courtyard hidden from the street view of the building. Students may be accompanied into the garden for exclusive visits otherwise not available to the public. Enter the elevator and head up to the school, which is in a newly renovated section of the Palazzo Frescobaldi. The classroom is completely modern, with maps of various wine regions and plenty of bottles for “studying”! Equipped with the latest technology, Angela has taken care of every detail to ensure her students are comfortable and find themselves in the best possible environment.

And what do you do there? The school offers a variety of classes, including an introduction to Tuscan wines, a wine and food experience, an introduction to wines with a visit to an ancient wine bar, and a class that includes a winery visit to see the theory studied in the classroom put into practice.  Of course, the courses offered will continue to grow as the school itself grows.

Angela works with local artisans and experts to bring the highest quality food and wine to her students, ensuring they get a full range of experiences to bring home and wow their friends and family with. The focaccia served comes from All Antico Vinaio, a famous eatery that started out as a sandwich shop on Via dei Neri and has become one of the most popular restaurants in Florence. Cheeses are hand-selected from artisan producers – one of which holds the title for best cheese in the world. Learn about and taste Tuscan truffles, world renowned prize-winning olive oils, fine Italian chocolates, and saffron, just to name a few! You will get to experience the very best that Tuscany and Florence have to offer. Wine School Florence’s staff are experts who love food and wine and have lived in Tuscany for decades building lasting relationships with the very best culinary producers around.

Lunch will be also, a unique opportunity for you,  we are collaborating with the famous Florentine restaurant La Giostra – literally “the carousel” – to surprise you with a great meal!

Born in Umbria, near Perugia, Angela studied history and philosophy in Rome before moving with her family to Florence where she entered the tourism industry as a guide. Since 2005 she has offered mini-bus tours of the Tuscany region. However, Angela’s true passion is wine. And what better place to study wine that in the Tuscan hills surrounding Florence, and the rest of Italy beyond? Angela passed her first level sommelier exams in 2008, the second level exams in 2009, and the third level exams in 2010, qualifying her to teach others about what she loves so much: vino!

A course with Wine School Florence is a great idea for the beginning of your Italian experience. You will travel through Italy with an in-depth knowledge of the delicacies you will be surrounded with, and be able to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of all you encounter. Do you have questions about the classes that Angela offers at Wine School Florence? Is there a specific course you would like to learn more about, or even suggest they add to their repertoire? Get in touch now and the excellent Wine School Florence staff will be happy to field your inquiries. And if you happen to be in Florence, exploring the Oltrarno, don’t hesitate to come in and see the facilities for yourself. The school is truly beautiful – a must-do on your list when visiting Florence or Tuscany.