Organic Chianti Tuscan Wine Tour

Great biodiversity of vegetation and animals of all sizes, a perfect microclimate, a right hilly altitude: a perfect and balanced ecosystem.

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Organic Chianti Tuscan Wine Tour

Tuscany is one of the greenest regions of Italy: there is a great biodiversity of vegetation and animals of all sizes. As well as a perfect microclimate, a right hilly altitude, perfect excursion of the temperature during the day in the Summer seasons, then hot in the Summer and cold in the  Winter. All that means that in Tuscany there is perfect and balanced eco system.

All this makes the perfect place for the magnificent Tuscan wines and extra virgin olive oil made here.

The terroir, the soil is so important that Tuscany is divided into DOCG wine areas, or subzones, what does it mean? That all the wineries that want to produce Chianti wine or Brunello wine have to be inside their specific wine regions, Chianti or Montalcino. In like manner San Gimignano for the Vernaccia wine, Montepulciano for the Nobile di Montepulciano.

Indeed, specific wine areas have special features that belong specifically to that wine region. When you drink a wine that comes from one of those areas you find that they have their own identity, personality, that is always recognizable.

The terroir means precisely this, that a wine can be recognized and identified thanks to the area where it was produced.

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Organic Chianti Tuscan Wine: rules that safeguard the quality and identity of the area.

When we talk about organic wines or natural, biodynamic or even vegan wines in Tuscany, we talk about different aspects.

The organic wineries that want to produce organic wines have to follow the DOCG rules and furthermore stricter rules for getting the organic certification.

Some of these rules mean a lesser use of sulfites than in conventional wine, from which fewer headaches, stomach ache, hangover, no chemicals in the soil and in the vines, trying to respect as much as possible the relationship among land, vineyard, climate.

Before the grape harvest the wineries try to fortify the vines with natural substances such as fava beans plants between the vines rows, or other plants rich in potassium and nitrogen.

The harvest is done by hand to not stress the vines and to select the best bunches of grapes. Additionally, in the cellar they are prohibited to use aromatic additives, sugars, and any chemicals.

The result will be a healthy grapes that will produce a healthy, natural wine, rich, balanced and unique.

In Tuscany organic wine therefore means respect for nature, for the place where we live, for people who live in the wine-producing areas, for plants, animals.

Organic Tuscan Wine doesn’t only mean respect for the environment and the eco system, but also the production of quality wines with more aroma and flavor.

Healthy vines means also healthier wines, with more antioxidants and anti-radicals and polyphenols.

These days more and more wineries in Tuscany are transformed into organic, biodynamic, natural, vegan, wineries for ethical and environmentally sustainable choice. Anyway, there are also wineries that have always been organic for centuries, thanks to ancient techniques of cultivation handed down from father to son, who have rejected the use of pesticides and other chemicals when in the 50’s they were introduced by pharmaceutical companies.

Informations about our Organic Chianti Tuscan Wine Tour

In our Tuscan wine tours from Florence to discover great organic vineyards you will be able to taste not only organic wines but also organic extra virgin olive oil and organic food for lunch, without preservatives and produced from local farms to respect the rule from the farm to the table.

Organic is a way of life that touches many aspects of life.

You will discover a rich and varied world of flavors and smells that make unique and unforgettable our wine and food tours.

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Chianti, Florence area

Min 2 – max 16, mixed (2 minibus available)

Every day from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm, except Sunday

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    Included in this Wine Tour

    • English speaking wine and food expert guide
    • Wine tasting in special wineries
    • Extra virgin olive oil tasting
    • Two cellar tours
    • Map of Tuscany wine regions
    • A brochure about Tuscany and its wine regions
    • Air conditioning mini van
    • Lunch in a local restaurant or at the winery
    • A walk in a medieval town or in the wineyard
    • Photo pictures stops
    • All local taxes


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    My wife and I took Angie’s Castle & Wine tour in late May. We had a fun, small group with Barbara as our guide. Barbara was very genuine and truly expressed an interest in wanting all of us to enjoy our day, as well as our time in Tuscany Would I recommend the tour? Yes, without a doubt. If you are a red wine drinker, these are smaller producers that you are most likely not able to purchase in the U.S. They make excellent wines, so treat yourself and send some home Our wines arrived in four weeks. Grazie Mille Angie and Barbara for a terrific day!

    Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer


    We had an excellent wine and castle tour day. Federico was an exceptional guide and we had a wonderful time touring and tasting wine and olive oil. We would like to also mention the fantastic lunch we had it was memorable. We would highly recommend this tour.

    Mark Spencer

    Perry Long


    An amazing day touring the Tuscany wine region! I would especially like to thank Francesca for making my 50th birthday a memory I will treasure forever! Her knowledge of wines, the countryside, olive oil, etc. was extraordinary! The wineries and the owners (Stephania and Marco) were excellent hosts and provided us with samples of the most amazing wines and olive oils. I would highly recommend your company to anyone visiting the Tuscany region! Again, thanks!!!

    Mark Spencer

    Alexander Doe


    I went on a wine tasting tour with Angie a few years ago and because of the great experience I booked again for May 2013. Angie’s tour was already fully booked so we were in Olivia’s group, another awesome day! The whole region is beautiful and there are plenty of tour operators but for me Angie’s personal service and small groups make her the go-to company for your Tuscan wine tasting tour. A bonus with the smaller groups is that Angie takes you to small and medium sized wineries, not the giant mass production places, so you really get face to face time with the owner/winemakers.

    Mark Spencer

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