Winter Tuscany wine tours

Having long worked in the vineyard, comes the deserved rest!

The end of the grape harvest is the best moment for the vines, they finished to be “in production” and to put together the natural agents under and over the soil: now they begin to rest. The whole vineyard slows down its metabolism, with the first cold the leaves change color and fall; the roots are working very little, less and less, the vines fall asleep, we could say they hibernate, like hedgehogs, squirrels, marmots, all those animals who may occasionally have passed by its rows.

But if you look well at the vineyard in Autumn they don’t not give precisely the idea of sleep, rather it seems a Grand Gala! The large palmate leaves of the vine assume all the warm colors available in nature, ranging from golden yellow to bright red, refined burgundy and exclusive black and looks like a high fashion show where each vine exhibits a dress, her most elegant, before leaving the party and … go to sleep.

But as we are used from the tale, also the vine by going away to the seasonal sleep , leaves her… small shoe. During the wine tasting tour in Tuscany from Florence, the wine producers will explain that this is an important moment for the vine and you’ll see yourself the sign that she is leaving in her flight toward the Winter: in fact, in this period, there are precious gems, for the moment small and woody but very important for the future development. Sensitive only to light, they will go to swell next Spring, giving rise to new shoots, a certainty of the new season that will come, quite far, but already present.

In the Winter wine tour, you can admire the Chianti hills south of Florence, enjoying a gorgeous and unique view over the most beautiful Tuscan countryside, you will enjoy also tuscan home cooked dishes that we use to eat in Tuscany in the winter time; all rustic and rich recipes that go well with a powerful glass of tuscan red wine.

Not to mention the great Chianti wine, Chianti Riserva, Super Tuscans wines that you will be tasting during the full day with us.