How to make wine

To make wine you need grapes. But It’s not enough. And this it’s not a joke, of course. Someone says to produce wine like Chianti at home takes thirteen steps.

People have been making it for thousands of years not using just grapes, but apples and other kinds of fruit too. But at the same time many people today don’t know how wine is made.

Wine making at home needs much care.

First of all it’s important use to very clean tools to prevent bacteria. Then, the fermentations have to be made in a room where the step includes ventilation.

The entire process needs some weeks. You take 16 cups of red grapes, 2 cups of honey, 1 packet of yeast, filtered water. In addition, you’ll need a few basic ingredients to avoid your wine can age without bugs or bacteria. Clean and crush the grapes, adding a Campden tablet to kill bacteria or put 2 cups of boiling water over the fruit. Add honey or the same quantity of sugar and the yeast. Put everything in a glass crock and leave it covered in a cool place allowing air to flow. Stir it every four hours for three days. The mixture should start bubbling. After three more days, strain out the solids and siphon the liquid into carboy for a longer-term storage. Let the wine age for at least one month. Finally bottle the wine, adding a Campden tablet to the mixture. Use clean dark bottles to preserve the color of red wines.

A little bit too complicated, isn’t it?

It’s much better to observe directly how to make wine in a winery, following the entire path from the vineyard to the bottle. In the land of excellent wines there are many wineries you can visit  just buying a wine tour from Florence.

You can choose to see how the most famous white or red Italian wines are made. Tuscany is the region where you can drink a good wine, eat tasty food, visit art City and get enchanted by open-mouthed panoramas. It could be an unforgettable experience.

From Florence to Siena, along the Chianti itinerary, you’ll find many wineries surrounded by hills and vineyards of one of the most famous Italian red wines. In San Gimignano you can visit the land of Vernaccia, an unique Tuscan white wine .

If you already know the wine world you will be curious to discover the fascinating story of Super Tuscans, as Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Tignanello – a won challenge, indeed.