chianti map

The smallest Chianti area: Chianti Montespertoli

From the Chianti map, it is clear how Chianti Montespertoli represents the smallest of the Chianti sub-denominations by extension. Furthermore, the Chianti Montespertoli is the only sub-denomination that insists completely within the territory of a single municipality, precisely Montespertoli.

The Chianti Montespertoli area

The Chianti Montespertoli sub-denomination was founded in 1997. Thursday 8 September 2022 will be the 25th anniversary, at the behest of producers and a farsighted Mayor, Mauro Marconcini. In terms of morphological and territorial characteristics, it is quite similar to Chianti Colli Fiorentini although there are regions with a higher content of yellow sands and sandstones than the neighboring area. The soils are of Pliocene origin and the hills have an altitude from 250 m asl to 450 asl. Lucardo and Botinaccio are the highest hamlets. The subsoil is characterized by different substrates (stratified soil). This makes the territory quite heterogeneous even in the individual vineyards.

The soil tends to have a loose texture (small, medium and large components are equally distributed). However, depending on the substrate that emerges on the surface, there may be more sands or more clays. In the looser soils, which have more sand and yellow sandstone content, the resulting wines are often elegant and laminar, have a pleasant minerality (almost blood-like closure) and good drinkability. Instead, in soils with a higher clay content, the grapes are often more concentrated and give life to wines that have a good aging potential and are a little more complex and heavier than the others, while maintaining a nice drinking dynamism.
Finally, they are soils that are sufficiently rich in organic matter and have a good draining capacity. All favorable conditions to create a unique terroir in the Italian wine scene. All this, combined with the experience of producers who know how to innovate while maintaining an attachment to the tradition of making wine of the past, is the perfect combination to obtain wines with character, identity and territoriality. And above all good!

The Montespertoli Winemakers’ Association

Finally, the producers of Montespertoli are experiencing a moment of excitement and euphoria, given the birth of the Montespertoli Winemakers’ Association. An Association that started from the bottom with the aim of promoting and enhancing the figure of the winemaker in Montespertoli and everything that revolves around it: wines, territory, landscape, wine tourism. 10 and 12 November we will hold the first presentation event of the Association, of which Giulio Tinacci is President. Many members are young and full of enthusiasm in facing the arduous challenge of enhancing a territory and its wine. We have the unconditional trust of those who have always lived the territory but who did not have the support to make collective choices for make system.