Organic wines in Tuscany

Wineries in Tuscany: only very recently the human society has become aware that the well-being and quality of life, the pleasure of living healthy, long and well are the result of the harmony between man and nature.

Today we know that intensive farming is one of the most important causes of the exploitation of land and its pollution;

Tuscany is the leader in Italy for the organic farming, specially in the winegrowing, so that in the most famous wine regions such as Chianti, Brunello, Vernaccia, there are many acres of organic vineyards and many wineries producing great tuscan organic wines.


How to recognize an organic wine?

In Italy since 2012 there is a specific European regulation approved by the Standing Committee on Organic Farming – SCOF – on organic wine production methodology, which deals mainly how to behave in the vineyard: no to fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides and GMOs  and in the wine cellar : very small additions of fining agents such as albumin and of stabilizers such as sulfur dioxide with antioxidant, preservative and antiseptic properties.

For the biodynamic wines the regulation is almost similar, but with tighter rules, it was born with the biodynamic Agriculture method, founded by the philosopher and educationalist Rudolf Steiner that excludes the use of all varieties of aromatic additives, enzymes and bacteria and sugar in the wine cellars.

We recognize organic wines thanks to the European symbol printed on the label of every organic wine, called “euro-leaf”, while those biodynamic have the trademark Demeter or Biodynamic®.


To drink a glass of organic wine, great on the palate, but also for our body and for the environment in Italy there are many regional micro wineries producing organic wines, according to an ancient tradition that has arrived intact to this day.

In Chianti area that affects a fairly large region of Tuscany and in some subzones of Tuscany the way of cultivation the vineyards in naturally organic since the middle age, they don’t need to follow any european regolation, their wine is  organic for tradition.


All these methods shares the natural enrichment of the soil exclusively with manure or with the plant method called “green manure”, the cultivation of the vine without straining the plants and therefore without making them more vulnerable to disease, the use of natural minerals, when you need it, such as “verdigris”, and sulfur, harvesting the grapes by hand respecting the plants and, in the wine cellar, interfere as little as possible, letting the yeast and enzymes contained in the skin and in the pulp the task of making the wine, reaching the aim to find a balance between man and environment and producing something that is good for everyone.

When you choose to drink an organic wine in Tuscany you know for sure that it is “handmade” as the best fabrics, porcelain, art: the people who produce it live in peace with nature and therefore man, vineyards and land are, in the end, a single thing.