Grape harvesting by hand

What are the benefits of organic wine?

What does it mean when we talk about organic wine? And are there really benefits to
drinking organic wine?
On our wine tours in Tuscany, we make it a priority to visit family-run organic wineries.
For us, it’s not about a trendy buzzword.
It’s about sharing our winemaking traditions and respect for the land. Many Chianti
winemakers still rely on century-old family practices that have always been organic.
Others are joining in, making Italy a world leader in the production of organic grapes.
Here’s what it means and why it matters.

What is organic wine?

When we talk about organic wine, it refers to two things: how the grapes are grown and
how the wine is made.

It starts in the vineyard. To grow organic grapes, winemakers steer clear of synthetic
pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Instead, they rely on natural practices. For example, they enrich the soil with manure or
by growing potassium and nitrogen-rich plants between the vines. At harvest time, they
pick the grapes by hand to reduce the impact on the vines.
To make organic wine, winemakers must maintain strict limits on additives such as
sulfites and sugar. The goal is to avoid interfering with the natural taste of the grape.

Organic wine benefits

Improves biodiversity in the vineyard:

Organic growing practices are gentle on the environment.
By eliminating harmful chemicals, vineyards become welcoming homes for beneficial
insects, birds and animals that keep pests at bay. It promotes soil health so that the
land remains sustainable for future generations.
Organic winemakers also seek to conserve water and reduce their energy usage,
making their products an eco-conscious option.

A healthier choice:

Since organic wines contain fewer chemicals, like sulfites, they’re less likely to give you
a headache or allergic reaction.
As well, organic growing practices result in healthier wines, with less sugar and more
antioxidants and polyphenols. It’s a win-win for both you and the environment.

A better taste of Tuscany:

When you take that first sip of organic wine, you’re in for a treat. The lack of chemical
residues in the grapes allows the true essence of the Tuscan terroir to shine through.
The wine’s flavors are untainted, offering a taste that is more authentic to the region.
And, since the grapes are picked by hand, it ensures the highest quality ingredients for
the wine. That’s where the flavor is born.

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