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The smallest Chianti area: Chianti Montespertoli

chianti map

From the Chianti map, it is clear how Chianti Montespertoli represents the smallest of the Chianti sub-denominations by extension. Furthermore, the Chianti Montespertoli is the only sub-denomination that insists completely within the territory of a single municipality, precisely Montespertoli. The…

Can you drink wine on a low carb diet?

On our Tuscany wine tours, we sometimes meet guests who follow low carb or keto diets. So, the obvious question is: how many carbohydrates are there in wine? It’s a fair question because most wine labels don’t contain that kind…

How do you get from Florence to Chianti?

Chianti hills

A dreamy day trip from Florence to Chianti is ideal for visitors who are staying in Florence.  Just imagine a drive through the picturesque Tuscany countryside with stops at vineyards to sip luscious Chianti wine.  It’s a dream. But the…