Sensuality and knowledge in Chianti wine region

Travelling is to know. And only an experience that involves body and soul, mind and senses, can become knowledge.

The day tours from Florence we offer, will literally plunge you in the experience of being in Tuscany, one of the richest regions in the world, for culture, art and history.
We at Angie Wine Tour’s offer you a day with us as a full immersion in all this and unforgettable moments .

The appointment is in Florence in the morning, the journey takes place when the sun begins to rise and a golden light shines on the countryside with the estates, the “cascinali”  and, of course, the hills with vineyards and olive tree groves. The first stop will be in a cellar, chosen by us among many for the originality of the people you meet and the genuineness of the wine that you taste. There, you will learn about the different stages from growing grapes, to the making of a good wine, ending with the careful aging by which we create the best italian red wines such as Chianti Classico and the Super Tuscans.

Each visit has a special moment that favors the experience and the senses: you can feel the texture of the soil of the vineyard in your hands, the luster of the vine in the sun, the cold chill in the cellars where precious scents of the must in fermentation linger. There, you will do the first tasting, the first comparisons to learn to distinguish wines and know their inimitable characteristics.
At that time you will also get peckish: so you’ll have lunch in a local “trattoria” or in a winery where often the food is served outdoors under a pergola, eating simple but tasty food that will become regal with precious wines.

In the afternoon you will visit another winery where you will know closely other wines, Chianti and Super Tuscan, so you will appreciate the differences among different wines, all of them fine but differing from each other according to the winery that produces it. Here you will learn to refine your sense of taste, with gusto!

During our Tuscany wine tour you will also discover, as well as wine, another “noble character” of the region: the olive oil. Tuscany is famous for its “extra vergine” olive oil: mellow, rich, strong or mild according to the cultivar, and you’ll taste it with the “sciocco” bread (without salt), as the Tuscan farmers have for centuries.

In the evening, when the sun is going down and turning the colors of nature stronger, you’ll come back to Florence, at the end of a day that you’ll remember forever! All your senses: smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste will have stamped within themselves  something that will last over time.