Super Tuscan wine like Super man

If you love fine wine and seek the best there is in the world or if you’re visiting Italy, in particularly Tuscany, you’ve heard often about the Super Tuscan wines. What are Super Tuscans? They are rich red wines that are born in the Tuscan hills, not only hailing from the classic local grape variety Sangiovese, but also from other varieties originating in different Italian wine regions or even French, especially in the region of Bordeaux. Here are the names of some of the most famous super tuscans wines: “Masetto”, made from Merlot grapes; “Ornellaia”, with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc; “Sassicaia”, made from Cabernet Sauvignon; “Tignanello”, the first and the most famous, made with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Super Tuscans differ from Chianti also for the way in which they are made, beginning with the choice of the grapes: only the best will become wine, as well as aging in barriques will give them their unique flavor. Their name is derived from “super”, a Latin word that means something that is higher, but also that is free, not bound by laws. So Super Tuscans may indicate both wines that derive from grapes coming from across the border of the Tuscan region and even that they show a different and superior wine quality, free from the bonds of the local wine-making tradition, and finally, which greatly exceeded the regional border to become the international “superdivi” .These wines also have something in common with Superman, the comic books superhero who saved so many times the world and also many of our days… from boredom! Superman was created by cartoonists Jerry Siegel and Jo Shuster, as well as Super Tuscans were created by the studies and the brave experiments of some wine experts, most notably Giacomo Tachis; then, the superhero owes its strength to the Sun, because it is some solar radiations to give him great physical strength, making him almost invulnerable, and Super Tuscans too are able to develop a great energy, due to the structure, their body and all the perfumes, blackberry and cherry, tobacco and spices, vanilla and chocolate … which derive from grapes ripening in the sun. Finally, Superman is a generous hero, with “supersenses”: hearing, sight, but also smell, touch, taste: the same “supersenses” you’ll discover that you have at the moment you will taste a glass of this red strength!