The earth, the fox and the grapes, Tuscan Wine (super tuscan wine!).

Perhaps you will know the old fable of the Fox and the Grape written by Aesop, in the sixth century BC regarding the strange human behaviors. During the Florence wine tour we want to tell you of another grape and another fox, beginning with an Italian proverb which says: “The good wine is made in the vineyard”, which means that you can have the best winery in the world and the best winemakers available but the good wine comes first and foremost from the vine, and the vines come from the earth, thanks to the contact with the natural elements that make them well, as well the altitude and exposure to the sun. The vine prefers poor soils: put in the condition of having little or nothing to live pushes its roots deeper into the soil, where there are the minerals that nourish it. For this reason the best wines come from soil apparently very poor: think of a stony soil and very permeable, here “born” the wines of the highest quality, high alcohol content and intensely fragrant; think then to sandy soils, origin of complex and delicately fragrant wines; to the clay soil (not too much) which are able to give to the vines those important nutrients that make the grapes “mothers” of rich wines, and finally think of the limestone soils, almost white to see, they crumble easily as if no living being can live there and instead, from these soil, along with red soil, come wines of superlative quality, very alcoholic, low acidity and very fragrant.
The Fox, is also the protagonist of the story of friendship with the “Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer and aviator, whose name is also that of a famous Bordeaux. The fox says: “The essential is invisible to the eye”. So with its wise guidance you can think the vine completes an important extraction work of “good things” from the depth of the hearth, work that nobody sees but that is essential. Perhaps this is why the modern enology divides wines in terroir wines and vine variety wines.
The first are wines characterized by geological and geographical quality of the land that hosts the vineyards, harking back to winemaking traditional techniques, typical of the region where they were born, like Chianti Classico and Chianti and the other top wines such as Super tuscan wines. In the seconds you just feel the aromas of the grape varieties that can be grown anywhere, so the production of these wines is not linked to the territory and often is “styled” to make wines that meet the fashionable taste.
Come and discover, along with Fox, the vines and the terroir of our Chianti wine and super tuscan wine!