Wine Tours from Florence

In Italy we say “I see red!” to mean that we are angry, because red is the color of passion, here used in a lively and popular expression. But when we take part in wine tasting tours in the Chianti hills, the “I see red” expression takes on a whole new meaning.

In fact, during our Tuscany wine tours the red liquid is “scaraffato”, from the Italian word “caraffa”, pitcher or jug: it falls from the bottle to the decanter and then to large glasses, as a promise of serenity and taste. As this happens, the wine is presented to visitors in its main features, and you can learn to distinguish all the nuances of this magnificent wine, through your own personal journey inside yourself and your senses. At that moment, we all can see the red wave that moves into the glass, like a prisoner waiting for the oxygen to awake its yeasts and its scents, drowsy and lulled into the bottle.

When, finally, the wine is poured into our glasses, what we see and taste is the red of pure pleasure.

In Tuscan wine tours it is important to be guided by people who know the best wineries, where the Chianti and other splendid wines (super tuscan wines) are produced and, above all, loved: because the wine knows how to return to joy of living and all the love that you put cultivating his beloved vines.

Starting from Florence, you can choose one of our various wine tours in Tuscany from Florence, and enjoy a guided wine tour to the best wineries in Chianti: famous for the the quality of the wine and the quality of the hospitality.