Winter wine tours in Tuscany


In Tuscany countryside 40 minutes drive, with our comfortable mini van, the scenario you have under your eyes changes completely: in the city there is a concentration of works of art, architecture, as a result of humanity’s genius, and unmistakable sign of a great city that has its history back in the eleventh century BC.

In the Chianti hills on the contrary, the Nature is the silent protagonist, the old villages are far apart from each other, and are recognized by the tolling of the bells, which refer to each other.

While in Florence there is always a constant mixture of voices and noises, here in Chianti the sounds are distinct and natural: some wind among the rows of vines and olive trees, the bubbling of the fermenting stainless steel vats where the new wine is brewing before being passed into the oak barrels for aging, the few words that are exchanged by the olive pickers concentrated in the work of gathering and selecting the olives that will go to the olive mill.

During our Winter Wine Tour in Chianti near Florence you will see that at the beginning of the Fall, plants, men and things slow down their movements to adapt themselves to the new season, to follow the seasonal rhythms of the Nature, still considered the Master: you will  discover it if you visit one of the small run family wineries of Tuscany producing moderate amounts of Chianti wine and extra virgin Tuscan olive oil, two special products, made respecting the rhythms of the plants and the soil: in a Tuscany wine tasting you will found out it by yourself.

Even the colors change completely, leaves were green, then yellow and now red to end with the brown color before falling to the ground .

In Genoa, in 1800, the Countess Luigia Pallavicini did planted along the avenues of her seaside villa, dozens of camellia trees, alternating red varieties to white: it is said that servants were “invited” to shake the trees before the daily walk of the lady in order to create a natural carpet, made from the fleshy petals of the flowers that fell assembling a bright red mantle faded to pink, then pale pink to white.

If you come with us at this time in Chianti hills, in our Winter Tuscan wine tour the nature itself will create under your steps a “red ” carpet ” made of large leaves with warm and flaming colors; vines in fact are loosing the leafs to strip off the superfluous to deal with the rigors of the Winter; from now on life in the vineyard it will be exclusively under the ground, minimal and silent.