Are there wines for beginners?

The answer is certainly not obvious and always truthful, but many wine lovers say they started from the “basics”. So what are wines for beginners?
The fruity notes, freshness and ease of drinking are all elements that are usually appreciated by those people who approach the world of wine for the first time.
On the other hand, with experience, we tend to appreciate complexity more. The spicy notes, hints of wood and balance of tannins are all elements that need experience to fully understand them.

What to take into consideration

Drinking a Chianti or a Chianti Classico is not always something for new wine lovers. They are not always wines for beginners.
However, the type of wine (vintage or reserve), the blend and the aging method will all be elements you should take in consideration to make the right choice.
Furthermore, as we all know, the variety of the Chianti territories contribute, with their diversity of soil, altitude and territorial morphology, to making one area more “suitable” for young drinkers than another.

Radda wines, with grumpy tannins in their youth, are completely different from Panzano wines. The last ones have clayey soil that makes them softer and therefore appreciated even by less trained palates.
Castelnuovo Berardenga, the southest and hottest area of Chianti Classico makes rich wines with high level of alchool; while the wines from Castellina in Chianti are generally fresher and fruitier even in their young life, because of the high thermal excursions.

The big role that food plays

But let’s not forget the pairing with food. It determines the success of every Food&Wine adventure. The tannic aggressiveness can be balanced with a fat and oily dish; the high acidity of the wine, on the other hand, can be combined with savory recipes. The softness is very appreciated with wines that tend towards bitterness.

And when the combination of the two parts is successful, even the less experienced drinker will be satisfied with the choice by saying: “Yes, the wine was perfect”.