A Day in the Life at the Florence Wine School

The TuscanyTourTime School, recently opened, offers courses that introduce veterans and newcomers alike to the very best food and wine that Tuscany has to offer. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a complete newcomer, a class at the Wine School in Florence will enhance your knowledge and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy exclusive delicacies that you might not otherwise come across during your travels.

A day at the Florence Wine School is like a vacation from your vacation! Being a tourist is hard work. You have to wake up early, enjoy your complimentary hotel breakfast, meet your guides, be on time, visit churches, visit museums, and walk. A lot. Of course, visiting Italy is a cultural experience that requires a lot of work on your part as well. You aren’t just going to lay on a beach and soak in the sun. You are looking for an experience, and most of all, you are going to learn. A great way to spend a day learning and relaxing is at the TuscanyTourTime School. Here you get to eat, drink nice wine, and leave feeling like a star pupil.

The Florence Wine School offer

The TuscanyTourTime School offers a variety of courses including an Introduction to Tuscan Wines, the Wine and Food Experience (which includes a visit to La Giostra Restaurant), an Introduction to Tuscan Wines (with a visit to a vinaino), and a full day wine class and tour in Chianti.

The introduction to Tuscan wine course is the basic course, which runs Monday through Friday from March to October. This class starts at 3:30 pm and lasts around 2 full hours. You will get to enjoy learning about and tasting four different Tuscan wines, accompanied by bread and olive oil. Thanks to this course you will have a basic understanding of Tuscan wines. You also learn the various wine regions in Tuscany, and the way Italian wines are classified, among other things. You’ll get to taste a Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, a Chianti DOCG, a Rose DOC and a Supertuscan.

The wine and food experience

The Wine and Food Experience runs Monday through Friday from March to October and begins earlier in the day, but lasts through lunch! You will meet at the Florence Wine School on Via Santo Spirito at 10:00 am for two hours of tasting including pecorino cheese, local honey, truffles, typical Tuscan cantucci, bruschetta with fresh-pressed olive oil, and more. The lesson is followed by a walk across town to the world famous La Giostra restaurant.

The introduction to Tuscan wines

The Introduction to Tuscan Wines course runs Monday Through Friday from March to October and lasts about two hours, beginning at 4:00 pm and lasting around 2 hours. The course includes four wine tastings, bread and olive oil, as well as a visit to a vinaino, a traditional wine selling shop. This particular shop has been in the same place since the 18th century! The Florence Wine School has made sure to find only the very best service providers so you get an authentically Italian experience. In this class, instructors from the Wine School Florence will teach you about the history and origins of Tuscan wine. Moreover, you’ll learn the main grape varieties in Tuscany, some about the most popular Tuscan wines, and much, much more.

All day course: your choice for a Tuscan wine school

TuscanyTourTime School also offers a full day class which runs Monday through Saturday from March to October. The class begins at the school at 9:30 am and goes all day. You’ll get to experience an excursion into the Tuscan countryside. You will get to taste four traditional Tuscan wines, together with bread and olive oil before visiting a boutique winery in the Chianti area, where you experience a cellar tour and additional wine tasting.

Wine School Florence’s classes are generally small, to ensure maximum learning (and tasting!) of the best products Tuscany has to offer. The courses are limited to around 10 people maximum, but can be adjusted for groups as necessary. You can rest assured that you will enjoy a relaxing experience. It leaves you with improved knowledge of Tuscan wine no matter which class you take. The important thing is to get to taste the products and meet the people whose passion for wine and food has led to the creation of a school dedicated to sharing their knowledge with visitors to Italy.