Italian white wine: Vernaccia

San Gimignano wine – Everyone at school by a stem glass of light!

Walking through Tuscany, you walk within the history and you can imagine the men dressed in medieval clothes and women from the long and intriguing garments, with a light veil over their hair that greet you at every street corner and every bifora, an old and particular shaped mullioned window.  Do not you believe it? Yet just be in the right place at the right time; in the chaos of a big city is not easy, but if you want enjoy a special moment of contemplation and discover the true Middle Ages, if you want to hear your footsteps echoing on the cobblestones of a road or of an alley remained unchanged for almost a thousand years, then you can join us in a San Gimignano Wine Tour, organized from Florence: just over a half hour drive will turn into a journey through time and in a training experience.  In front of so many centuries to go, in fact, we’re all still … young students! Why San Gimignano?  Because San Gimignano is a perfectly preserved medieval town: it is a true witness of the time and history so much that it was declared by UNESCO “World Heritage”, because here lived the ancient and mysterious Etruscans several centuries before Christ, as well as the Longobards, descended from Northern Europe between the fifth and sixth centuries AD. Shortly before the arrival in San Gimignano, situated on a hill, you can already get an overview of its special structure formed by the typical towers and ancient stone or “solid brick” houses.  The towers you will see are just some of the 72 towers and tower houses that existed in the golden age named “dei Comuni”, i.e. of the city-states, between 1200 and 1300, as the memory of notable families that demonstrated their power and their supremacy through the height of their buildings. You still miss the most joyous, free and unpredictable part: the visit to the surrounding countryside and wineries producing a Italian white wine among the most renowned in the world, the “Vernaccia di San Gimignano”. You can walk among the vines, feel their breath that collects the sunlight, the same sunlight you will see concentrated in the glass of wine that you will taste together with the winery owner and his dog (animals too live life and therefore the History with us!). The vine-dresser tells you how the Vernaccia is produced, the secrets of its grapes and its aging, its history spanning the centuries: think about this wine even Dante Alighieri in his Divina Commedia and also the chronicles of every century, so you’ll find out the Vernaccia was the favorite Italian white wine of many important men as Lorenzo the Magnificent. The color of the sun will be the theme of a lunch based on local specialties with saffron you’re about to enjoy, during you can taste some important Super Tuscan wines: the yellow of this spice delivering energy in every hint is perfectly matched by the brilliance of color of the Vernaccia di San Gimignano that, according to its aging, can also turn into golden, with a full taste of fruit, freshly cut grass and almond: the very same taste the ancients felt too.  So it becomes perfect your experience of person that, going through the centuries, is able to live fully his time.