Organised wine tour or self wine tour

Imagine a warm spring evening, when you just need a light jacket on your shoulders and the light on the horizon is clear. Imagine a perfect sunset. Now add a terrace with views over the Tuscan hills, some friends, of course, and a glass of Chianti wine right there on the table, along with fragrant bruschetta with tomato and basil.

This is just the beginning. Not the scene from a movie, but what you can experience when you go around the hills surrounding Florence in search of wine cellars to taste some of the best and most renowned red wines and extra virgin olive oil. All your senses are called to report: taste, sight, smell but also touch, for the pleasure of turning over in your hands a chalice of good Chianti wine, and hearing, engaged to enjoy the silence of the valleys that open before you.

Not only the land of Chianti, but the choice of the wines can also be difficult unless you have a thorough understanding of the subject. This is why it is good to be guided: in the wine cellar there is always someone who will tell you the history and flavors of what we you are going to taste and so it Is no longer just a glass of wine but a whole world, a world of stories that never fails to enchant.

An organized Chianti tour that is specialized in Chianti wine tasting and visits to Chianti wineries is a lot of fun, but it can also be useful, as it will minimize any waste of time in finding the right places and people to meet. A customized wine tours will let you experience all the emotions you dreamed of: gorgeous sceneries, excellent wines, interesting stories, learning and having fun in good company.

Oh, we said a spring evening… But every season is great here in Chianti, colors change, and so does the landscape, but everything else remains the same and any time of the year is precious!