two glasses of red wine on a table with green Tuscan hills in the background

The best places to go on a wine tour in Tuscany

Embark on a journey through Tuscany, one of the world’s premier destinations for wine lovers. With its diverse winemaking regions, each offering a unique blend of flavors, history, and ambiance, deciding on the perfect Tuscan wine tour can be as complex as the wines themselves.

Savor the Authentic Tuscan Charm with a Chianti Wine Tour

Imagine meandering through cypress-lined roads, vineyards bathed in golden sunlight, and medieval villages standing guard on the hills. Welcome to the Chianti region, the epitome of Tuscan allure, nestled between Florence and Siena. Renowned for robust reds made from Sangiovese grapes, Chianti invites connoisseurs to experience the quintessence of Tuscan winemaking.

Tuscany Tour Time proudly presents an array of Florence wine tours, specializing in small groups to ensure a personalized experience. Our classic wine tasting tour is a hit among first-time visitors, featuring three family-owned boutique wineries that showcase the best Chianti and Super Tuscan wines. An expert sommelier will guide your palate, complemented by a sumptuous homemade Tuscan lunch.

For gastronomes, our truffle, cheese, and wine tasting Chianti tour is a culinary delight. Relish the flavors of select wines paired with truffle canapés and artisanal cheeses, culminating in a truffle-infused gourmet feast.

Seeking an elevated experience? Our special Chianti tour grants access to three of the region’s most prestigious wineries, ensuring an exclusive and intimate setting for just six participants.

Experience Elegance with Brunello di Montalcino Wine Tours

Venture southwest of Chianti to the acclaimed Brunello di Montalcino wine region. Here, 100% Sangiovese grapes are transformed into the illustrious Brunello wines, aged to perfection and known for their rich, full-bodied elegance.

Join us as we visit three esteemed Brunello wineries, offering a chance to engage with the owners and savor a homemade lunch amidst the region’s stunning vistas. Our tour culminates with a stroll through the charming village of Montalcino, a picturesque finale to an exquisite day.

A San Gimignano Wine Tour: Where Views and Vintages Meet

The medieval skyline of San Gimignano, with its iconic towers, is as memorable as the crisp white wines produced from the Vernaccia grapes found here. From Florence to San Gimignano, our wine tour introduces you to the finest local vintages across three exceptional wineries. A leisurely walk through this enchanting town and a wine-accompanied Tuscan lunch will complete your experience.

Your Guide to Tuscany’s Wine Treasures

With Tuscany Tour Time, the options for a wine tour are as diverse and vibrant as Tuscany itself. Whether you’re departing from Florence for a day trip or seeking an immersive wine tasting tour in Tuscany, we are here to guide you to the tour that fits your taste. Contact us to craft your ideal Tuscan wine adventure.