Tuscan wines as precious fabrics

«Dantès commanded Jacopo that … some dried fruit and a bottle  of Tuscan wine had to complete the composition of the meal».

This short sentence does not tell of any person, nor just a lover of upscale Italian wines, but a nobleman famous throughout the world since the nineteenth century: the Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas character’s eponymous novel written in France in 1846, a truly novel full of suspense, very exiting in our day, too!

It is the story of Edmond Dantès, a young captain of success, unjustly denounced before the court of Marseille, which precisely in the fortress where he is imprisoned for life meets another prisoner, who instructs him in all the sciences and good lifestyle for 14 years. And when the friend is dying also reveals the existence of a fabulous treasure that will make him rich and powerful. A self-made man who can take revenge on all those who conspired against him and finally find peace and wisdom.
The moment we find him talking about Italian wines Edmond Dantès is just on the Island of Monte Cristo, in the Tuscan Archipelago, and is going to find the treasure. A time of great tension, which becomes lighter talking about good wine. In fact, despite being totally fictional, the novel by Alexandre Dumas describes true places, facts and habits.

Tuscan wine is very old, more than 1000 years before the French novel was named in the documents and requested by nobles and the common people. When you make one of our wine tasting tours in the Tuscan countryside, or even a day tours from Siena or Florence, you will learn that all the important wines that you will taste like Chianti or Super Tuscan, have a long history; in Italy about them we say also: “hanno stoffa da vendere”, literally meaning “they have cloth to sell” to say that … they are talented!
These strange words about a wine can be explained like this: in the past, the best clothes for rich people were made with abundant fabrics, so a good (talented) taylor always had clothes to sell.

This is history, we at Tuscan Wine Tours with Angie offer you the reality.

When you taste the wines during our Tuscany wine tours you will understand immediately what it means “to have cloth” for a wine: to have the body, good alcohol content, balance of flavors. In fact, a luxury fabric is composed of a wise intersection of wires and a balance of colors. Just a sip of these wines in your mouth and you will feel the magical crossroads of so many fragrances and flavors and, about the color, you just need to see the wine pouring in the glass, observe it backlight to discover unimaginable colors: from gold to red, purple to blue to black.

The Count of Monte Cristo just become rich, had wonderful dresses from around the world, to show everyone his strong personality, we need just a glass of Tuscan wine and a good course to make us feel immensely rich!