4 things to do in Florence for wine lovers

4 Must-Do Activities in Florence for Wine Lovers

Indulge in Chianti and Super Tuscan Wines

Many are drawn to Florence, not just for its art treasures but as a prime destination for Tuscan wine enthusiasts. Imagine embarking on a Tuscany wine tour, sipping a glass of exquisite Chianti or Chianti Classico amidst the vineyards. Or perhaps, delve into the world of Super Tuscan wines during a wine tasting in Florence. As the capital of Italy’s Tuscan wine region, Florence offers endless experiences for wine aficionados.

Here are four of the best Tuscan wine experiences in Florence.

1. Explore the Heart of Tuscany with a Florence Wine Tour

An Intimate Journey through the Chianti Wineries

Experience the beautiful hills and famous Chianti wines with a wine expert as your guide.  Opt for a Florence-based wine tour visiting three or four family-run, organic wineries.  You’ll taste the finest Chianti and Super Tuscan wines and enjoy a delightful lunch, while chatting with the winemakers.  They’ll unravel the wine-making process and share insider tips about Tuscan wines. By the end of this intimate group wine tour, your passion for Tuscan wine will be ignited.

Book your tour to visit three wineries or four wineries in Chianti, the largest wine aerea in Tuscany.

2. Private Wine Tasting Tour: Your Personalized Tuscan Experience

Tailor-Made Tours for Wine Lovers

Discover the wine regions near Florence on a bespoke tour for you or your group.  You can opt for a private Chianti wine tour, exclusive VIP winery visits or a trip to the medieval town of San Gimignano.  Other options range from Wine Truffle tour to Brunello experiences. This will be a vacation highlight you’ll always remember.

Learn more about private wine tours from Florence

3. Sunset Dinner in a Florentine Villa: A Tuscan Wine Pairing Extravaganza

A Dreamy Evening of Wine and Cuisine

Just picture it.  You’re greeted at a stunning countryside villa by a certified sommelier and a chilled glass of prosecco.

As the sun begins to set, you’re seated at a table with a view of Florence and served a four-course dinner, all local food paired with the best Tuscan wines.  Over dinner, you talk about Tuscan wine and learn the secrets of Tuscan wine making. It’s a dream evening for your visit to Italy!

4. Join a Wine Class in Florence: Where Learning Meets Pleasure

Unlocking the Secrets of Tuscan Wines

Did you know that there’s a wine school in Florence?  Its goal is to simplify the complex world of Italian wine for beginners and wine connoisseurs alike.

You’ll learn about the history of Tuscan wines, the different varieties and get tips on how to buy wine.  And of course, you’ll taste some of the highest quality Tuscan wines.  You can even opt for classes that include traditional Tuscan dishes, a visit to an ancient wine bar or a tour to Chianti.

In conclusion, for wine lovers, these experiences in Florence are unmissable, perfectly blending the joy of wine with the soul of Tuscany.