Wine tasting in Tuscany in the Winter

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Chianti and Super Tuscan wine tasting tour is designed for people who are motivated by the same wine passion who want to taste wine, visit the famous florentine countyside and have fun together in a wine group tour. Wine tour Florence. Suitable for beginners or wine expert!

We will be visiting the Chianti region, going to small boutique organic wineries driving through amazing landscape, drinking and eating only organic local food and wine.

Tuscany is one of the greenest regions of Italy so there is a great biodiversity of vegetation and animals of all sizes, a perfect microclimate, a right hilly altitude, perfect excursion of the temperature during the day in the Summer seasons, then hot in the Summer and cold in the Winter, all that means that in Tuscany there is perfect and balance eco system.

Wine tasting in Tuscany in the Winter