Chianti wine: Classico Collection

On February 13 and 14 at the Leopolda Station in Florence was held “Chianti Classico Collection 2017“, the presentation of the new year of Chianti Classico: 185 wineries, 87 of the Chianti Classico Great Selection and above all, 57 preview of the wine from the barrel, particularly expected because the 2016 Chianti Classico year marks an important celebration: 300 years in fact run from September 26, 1716, when Cosimo III de’ Medici decided to formally define a geographic area of his many lands that was distinguished for its high quality wine. The Chianti area was born!

Wine esperts from all over the Chianti wine world.

The wine event was attended by wine experts from all over the world: from neighboring France and Spain to the distant Oregon, or California, while the most original speech for perspective and expertise was presented by Bill Nesto, professor at Boston University, who dedicated to the Chianti his recent essay entitled “Chianti Classico: the search for Tuscany’s noblest wine“.

9000 wine bottles

But beyond the words, the rural environment which produces the Chianti, wants action! And so we have seen the opening of over 9000 bottles of Chianti Classico wine of the new vintage and also the tasting of extra vergine olive oils DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) produced in the same estates of the wineries that produce the Chianti Classico. The day of this wine Grand Tasting was February 14, Valentine’s Day, also traditionally dedicated to Love and to lovers. In fact, what could be more lovable than a glass of chianti wine?

So thinking back to these two days, the result of the respect and love for this land have produced a wine of the highest quality in Italy and I dare say in Europe.

On the other hand, the lands of Chianti were born precisely out of a sense of belonging that only love can inspire and you can immediately feel it visiting the Chianti area, and seeing the care with which they are protected.

But even a simple wine tasting, in the company of the wine makers can explain  to us all of this.

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