Chianti and Tuscan wine tours with Angie

My tuscan wine and tours: a Chianti  spaceship

You don’t need to be an astronaut. Imagine yourself in your living room, sitting comfortably, around you some dear friends and the person you love, together you are watching with great curiosity and interest a new scenery, completely different from what you are used to, but fascinating, nature is rich, hills rise gently.

Now stop to imagine, because the reality is just that: a comfortable van that holds up to nine people, I just bought for comfort and togetherness even to groups a bit bigger, with ergonomic seats, spacious windows where to look gradually the view of the Tuscan countryside that unfolds right before your eyes, during your Tuscan wine tours with Angie.

To make your tour a perfect time we provide you a very special driver, with calm and safe driving, but the tour guide is also a “wine Messenger “: yes, because he or she will guide you to the personal knowledge of the excellent Tuscan wines, that are true fragments of history and culture that you can drink, taste and let get inside you.

In fact, during our Chianti wine tour, you are not simply guided to wine “vendors”, though good. We are known because we do not accept commissions from any winery: we prefer to choose where to take you with the freedom that only passion can give. Sometime it can happen that a winery call us to be known and we gladly go to visit it, but it also can happen that a producer does not respect all the traditional rules of wine production, as the delicate rest in oak barrels, or a proper bottling; and wine can be a severe judge for the one who treat him with haste and thoughlessness. Everyone on my team has spent a lot of time studying and practicing the vines, the land, the climate and the wine, we have devoted years on it, we did it by vocation.

That’s why I wanted to call my Tuscan wine tours with Angie activities with my first name “Angela”: I think that those who signed something with names are proud of their work and want others to benefit. Now, you just need to book for one of our fantastic days, get in our Chianti spaceship and come with us to smell the scent of the earth just wet from the dew, to hear the vines that yawn and wake up and look at the faces of those who work every day in the vineyard with its hard and fascinating rules. We call all this professionalism, you can call it taste for life!